Cuteness Overload!

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This is Cloud, our darling new family member 15 weeks young! He’s still unsocialized so he shivers when he meets new people and tends to shy away when we try to hold him, but surprisingly, he follows us around everywhere around the house (that is just soooo sweet). So I guess that’s a good start. Does anyone have a shy maltese like our sweetheart? Any tips and tricks to get him to trust us more? Any kind of advice is welcome! Thanks!

Fulfill your cravings!

style lucence the blog

We’ve been cooking a lot at home these days and this is hubby’s best dish ever! It’s called jjimdak – chicken, potatoes, onions and clear noodles boiled down to perfection in a specially made soy sauce (slightly spicy). This is a dish we had frequently when we were overseas in South Korea, but something that is not offered over here in Atlanta, despite all the Korean restaurants that are around. So, our cravings led us to make it ourselves, or rather, himself. I am NOT a good cook. Luckily, hubby is! 🙂 Results? It was darn good! It was nearly identical to the jjimdak goodness that we used to have overseas. I would recommend this dish to anyone who travels to South Korea! 😉