Mint Mint Love Mint

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Bag: Style Lucence / Jeans: Madewell / Shirt: J.Crew / Vest: Besti Belli / Bracelet: Swarovski


Riding with the Top Down 2

Hi all! So here’s the shoulder bag version of this 2-way bag. What’s your pick? Backpack or Shoulder? 🙂

Style Lucence backpack

Style Lucence backpack

Style Lucence backpack

Style Lucence backpack

Style Lucence backpack

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Riding with the Top Down

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence the Blog*For all you minimal enthusiasts out there, this 2-way bag can also be carried as a shoulder bag! Post coming soon~♥

Style Lucence the Blog

Bag: Style Lucence / Crop tee: All Saints / Tiered dress: J.Crew / Sneakers: Everlast / Necklace: JJQueen / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Bracelet: Louis Vuitton / Sunglasses: Chanel

South Carolina Day 3 – Folly & Charleston

Well, this is the last day of the trip that I wanted to share with everyone. We loved Folly Beach so much that we had to go back to feel the ocean breeze once again before we left. Besides, there was one thing missing from yesterday on Folly, crepes! Hubs & I absolutely love crepes. We were determined to have some when we were there but got discouraged to find that they were closed that day. Extensive research about the area told us that the crepes at ‘Tokyo Crepes’ were awesome and our wish to get some of that yum in our system was eventually granted this beautiful day (I probably wouldn’t have left until I had some)! Unfortunately, I was overly excited and forgot to capture nice pictures before the shape was ruined so the half-eaten crepes will have to settle on instagram 🙂 We also took another tour around Downtown Charleston to capture this beautiful, historic city on camera. We were sorry to have to say goodbye but I knew that the both of us would be back for sure.

Style Lucence Crossbody Bags

folly pier kira kira



Style Lucence the Blog

Style Lucence


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Bag: Style Lucence / Top: Anthropologie (similar) / Skirt: All Saints / Shoes (mint): Anthropologie

South Carolina Day 1 – Downtown Charleston

The hubby & I haven’t been on vacation in a zillion years. It was a relatively short trip but felt so good to get out of town and breathe in some fresh air! There were condos with lovely, spacious balconies in front of this Waterfront Park which I would totally love to live in if I had the chance (hubby agrees). Everyday would be vacation. I think it’s THE ideal environment to work in, pretty confident to say I could stay stress-free, well, at least about 80% of the time 😉 The food was great, the scenery was great, and the people were great! What else do you need? Definitely give Charleston some of your time when you get a chance. Highly recommended.




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∨ The best shrimp & grits ever at SNOB!


Bag: Style Lucence / Dress: Anthropologie / Shrimp & Grits, Porkchop: Slightly North of Broad

Welcome to our blog

What does “Lucence” mean? We discovered this word while dreaming up a name for our new shop. It’s a form of the Latin word “lucere”, which means to shine.


We spent months piecing together a collection of handbags in classic as well as the most sought-after styles. We believe a good handbag can be the perfect finisher to any outfit and love how men and women utilize them to create their very own look.


A beautiful bag can add the “shine” to any style!